Stokely T. Martin Family

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Stokely T. Martin was born about 1803 in Virginia. On 17 January 1839, Stokely married Mahala Hollinsworth in Patrick County Virginia. By the time of the 1860 census, the family was located in Henry County, Virginia. Neither set of parents has been identified. Stokely died intestate on 29 January 1879 according to the Chancery court records shown below. His children were identified in the court records.

Scanned documents (127 pages) may be found on the Virginia memory site of the Library of Virginia

Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 (all in Documents in pdf format. format) These three pages are the actual filing of the suit and list each of the children of Stokely Martin, his widow, the spouses of his daughters if they were married, and the children of his deceased son William.

Locality: Henry County Virginia
Index Number: 1884-017
Original Case Number: 401

Chancery Causes:

Plaintiff(s): M D HAYNES & WIFE

To the Honorable S. G. Whittle Judge of the Circuit Court of Henry County

Your Orator and Oratise M. D. Haynes and Elizabeth his wife Humbly complaining show unto your honor that sometime in the year 1879 Stokely T. Martin the father of your oratise departed this life intestate sized and possessed of a small personal estate and about 185 acres of land lying in Henry County Va. The persons entitled to administer upon the personal estate of said decedent not applying for the administration thereof, and three months having elapsed after the death of said decedent administration thereof was commissioned to Henry Tuggle Sheriff of Henry County, who took possession of said personal estate made an inventory thereof and sold such as was liable to perish, which facts will more fully appear by a copy of the order committing said personal estate and of the Inventory and account of sales herewith filed marker respectively “A, B, & C”, as a part of this bill.

Your Orator and Oratise further state that the decedent left a widow Mahala Martin, and besides your Oratise he left surviving him Martha Law wife of J. B. Law, Louisa Martin wife of Benjamin Martin, Stokely Martin, Thomas J. Martin, Elvira Martin wife of Robert R. Martin, Mary Stone wife of Alfred Stone, and Riley Martin, Thomas L Martin,  Jackson Martin,  Nettie Martin and Louise Martin children of William Martin as his only heirs at law.

Your Orator and Oratise further state that dower has been assigned to Mahalia Martin, the widow; that the decedent died but little in debt. That the personal estate in the hands of the administrator is sufficient to pay funeral, charges of administration and all debts due from the decedent or his estate. They are advised that the real estate not embraced in the widows dower is subject to partition amongst the heirs of said decedent and state that said real estate cannot conveniently be divided in kind and that the  interest of all the parties will be promoted by a sale if said real estate and a division of the proceeds according to the rights of the parties.

Your orator and oratise also state that the said Stokely T Martin in his lifetime conveyed to his son Stokely Martin 50 acres of land adjoining the tract of 185 acres above desented for which he was to pay $50. And the said  Stokely Martin, that the intestate in his lifetime made other advancements to his children which should be brought into hotah pat in order to secure equality in a division of the sale of personal estate belonging to him.

In tender consideration of the premises and for as much as your Orator and Oratise are without remedy at law and relievable only ina count of equity when matters of the kind are alone and properly cognizable; they pray that the Henry Tuggle Sheriff of Henry and as such administrator of Stokeley T. Martin dec. J. B. Law and Martha his wife, Benjamin Martin & Louisa his wife, Stokely Martin, Thomas J. Martin, Robert R Martin and Elvira his wife, Alfred Stone and Mary his wife and Riley Martin, Thomas Martin, Jackson Martin Louise Martin & Nettle Martin children of William Martin deceased & Mahala Martin be made parties defendant to this bill and required to answer its allegation on oath May and account of advancements and all other proper accounts be taken. May the land aforesaid be sold and the proceeds distributed according to the rights of the parties and such further and general relief granted your Orator & Oratise as their care requires or to equity may seem meet and they will ever pary.

The children of Stokely T. Martin and Mahala Hollinsworth are:

  1. William R. MARTIN married Lurena SCRUGGS. William was dead at the time of the court case and his children are identified as his heirs by law. Proof 1
  2. Martha A. MARTIN married John Byrd LAW.
  3. Elizabeth Frances MARTIN married Marcus DeLafayette HAYNES.
  4. Louisa MARTIN married Benjamin F. MARTIN.
  5. Stokely MARTIN married twice. First to Isabelle Buenavesta HAYNES and second to Francis Martha CASSELL.
  6. Elvira MARTIN married Robert R. MARTIN.
  7. Thomas J. MARTIN married Luvinie (surname unknown.)
  8. Mary MARTIN married Alfred STONE.